We are not simply the friendliest language service company there is, but total experts as well!

neo communication is a language services provider and process partner. We help our customers achieve communication objectives that are in line with the purpose of their products and services.  In doing so, we focus on communication and language and utilize the valuable synergies arising from our services and expertise as well as those from our client s and their industries.
This kind of approach positions us to understand the interplay between a wide array of tools: modern collaborative platforms or learning materials; language processing technology and content management systems; and old and new crafts such as translating and programming. And we know that this approach creates sustainability, which helps our clients keep one step ahead in anticipating and shaping future developments. This is our company’s path, one we pursue with exceptional personal commitment in accordance with the highest quality standards. This makes us meticulous and picky, and never ones for chasing the latest trend for its own sake. We do not shy from unconventional paths and spare no effort to produce the best results for our clients, our employees and our business concept.
Our main objective is to develop consistent relationships built on trust and offer our clients unlimited access to our expertise whenever needed.